Stylish Party: It's a 2 Alarm Birthday Bash!

My nephews are the best. There I just wanted to ge that out there right off the bat. My little Gavin turned two way back in June and I had to share his super fun Fire Truck party with you all.
I had so much fun with this party (well I always do really). I love getting my DIY, create juices fired up!
Here is some of the fun fire fighter décor...

The below banner was something I made out of scrapbook paper, fire duck tape and string. It was simple to make but added a fun touch to the party. It reads, "Happy Birthday Gavin"

Gav got to go to the fire station pre-party with his Muka and Paka and so we displayed some of these fun pictures at the party.

The treat display was on a black shelf my mom had in one of the rooms in her house. It worked perfectly for the treat display.

My sister has decided that she wants me to make a wreath for each of her kids' birthday's as a keepsake. So this time I decided to go with a fire hose wreath. I just LOVE how this turned out, thanks to my friend Amy Mickey for help with the inspiration on this. We just bought a simple garden hose and my awesome hubs covered it in yellow duck tap. We added some ribbon, a painted wood number 2 and a picture frame in the middle with fireman Gavin's picture inside.

We set out mini chocolate donuts with a  sign that says, "Fire Truck Tires"

The above picture also shows a fireman boot I made. I found this cardboard boot at Michael's (I think it's supposed to be a rain boot). I covered it with black and yellow duck tape to make a cute little boot. It turned out to be one of my favorite pieces and then I just added a little dalmation coming out the top.

Below is more of the candy display.

Below are three difference candy containers. The first is a black bucket with Gobstoppers that says "STOP", the next is a clear container with gumdrops that says, "DROP" and the last is another black bucket with Tootsie Rolls inside, you guess it, it says "ROLL". Our little ode to Stop, Drop and Roll.

This another candy jar with red vines in it that says, 'Flamin' Hoses" with a dalmation next to it with a clear bowl of yellow gumballs.

Below is a fire truck with more yellow gumballs in the back with a sign that says, "BLAZIN' GUMBALLS"

 More décor. A wood sign that says, "Real Heroes Don't Wear Capes" with a fireman badge on it.
Another candy jar with candy Fireballs in it.

Below: The entire candy display.

The food table with all yellow, red and black décor. This cute myler balloon for a firetruck was from Muka Diane.

My cute mom had fireman hats set out with all sorts of supplies to decorate them. The kids loved this activity. Okay, not just the kids, lets be honest.

Check out these darling fire hydrant cups for all the kids. Cutest things ever, am I right!?!
All little fire fighters must stay hydrated!

The little Gavin-ator did NOT miss out on any presents. The kids was SPOILED.

I found these super cute tire swim rings at the Dollar Tree so I just hung them in various parts of the years. I love it when you find those little dollar store treasures!

The present table with some cute yellow, black and red balloons.

Muka Diane brought an awesome photo cut-out, so everyone could be a fire fighter for the day.

Here's Muka Diane...

And Gav's BEST friend, Ike...

And of course the birthday boy himself...

Muka Diane said, "We should make that plane orange water jug look like a fire hydrant." When she throws a theme party she goes ALL out. So her wish was our command. BAM! Fire hydrant water jug. Thanks to lots of duck tape, a pool noodle and a plastic bowl. It turned out so cute, I'm glad she was thinking big on this one.

The little hydrants with their big mama hydrant! :)

Everyone really had a nice time.

Below: Gavin's AWESOME Grandma Charolette and great grandma Powell.

Mama helped Gav open ALL his presents. The kid got A LOT of stuff. I mean a lot. Trust me I cut out about 90 percent of the present opening pictures. He was THRILLED!








The little guys raked in the toys and he couldn't have been happier!
Little sister Maycee also had a lot of fun hanging out, especially with her Uncle D.

 Dad needed a fire truck of his own to get home this kids haul!

Happy birthday Gavin!
You are such a ray of sunshine to our family. You are wild and crazy and so independent and we love you to pieces. You are so smart and sweet (most of the time) and we couldn't imagine our lives without you in them. Thanks for making us laugh and for keeping us on our toes. I'll always remember the day you were born (I was on speaker phone at work). You are our little man and we love you always and forever.


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