blindness resources

Here is a list of some of the best articles, stories, resources, etc. I've found related to blindness. Unlike when I wore flip flops to my (first) wedding, you WON'T regret checking these out...

Articles on Blindness
Structured-Discovery Learning What It Is and Why It Works
by Ruby Ryles

CARE AND FEEDING OF THE LONG WHITE CANE: Instructions in Cane Travel for Blind People
by Thomas Bickford


Project Strive

Making it on the Playground
A Resource for Parents and Teachers of Blind and Low Vision Children. A dear friend of mine, Mary Jo Hartle just created this outstanding blog. Trust me, you will Love it!

Blind Mom in the Burbs
This cute mom is my former roomie and one of my dear friends. She's a mom of two adorable kids and a wife of a fireman. You will learn so much from Terri in her new blog. It's a wonderful resource.

Fred's Head

Resourceful {yet still stylish} Website:
National Federation of the Blind

Professional Development and Research Institute on Blindness

National Blindness Professional Certification Board (NBPCB)

Blind How