Pretty happily. Decided

I've made a big life decision.

I'm starting on my PhD!

I've been wanting to do this for a while but now is the time. After much diliberation and weighing out all the pros and cons I've decided now is the time!

I have dreamed for a while of starting a charter school for blind kids. I would also love to teach college courses someday and while I feel that a PhD won't necessarily make me any smarter I feel it will help me live out my dreams.

Many of you know we've been struggling with infertility, I want to be a mom more than anything in the whole world but after much prayer I've realized that I can't put my life on hold waiting for that to happen. I have not given up any hope that it WILL happen for us someday but for now I must move forward and try to better myself, emotionally, physically and now educationally.

I'm nervous and excited and NERVOUS, but I know I have wonderful friends, a terrific family and an incredibly supportive husband backing me up the whole way.

I promised this year I would have no regrets (maybe some, "I can't believe I did that's,") but no regrets.

I have made the decision to do an online program through Capella University. There are no universities within 120 miles of me that have PhD programs and I did not feel like another move was good for me (emotionally) right now. Especially with the possibility of GQ being deployed soon.  It's an accredited university and I will travel every year for internship work; it's a PhD in Educational Psychology btw.

So there it is, a BIG decision from I-think-too-much girl! Thank you to everyone who listened to me, who wrote recommendation letters for me, who reviewed my essays who encouraged me along the way, I'm a lucky girl!

I found a journal entry from several years back the read, "Goal: start my PhD by the time I am 30." I start April 8th the day before my 30th birthday!

So here I go, taking a big leap!

Textbooks and pink pumps.


Kathie said...

That is awesome! Good for you. Love you!

Emily said...