Two Years: Our Day in St. George

I love when I get to spend a whole ENTIRE day with my husband. We did not do anything fancy this year but we had the best time relaxing and enjoying TIME together.

We went to they gym together, he thinks it's sexy when we workout together, so we did.

Then we had a great lunch date at a favorite eating place of ours TwentyFive Main, you must check it out if you are St. George. Here is a fun blog post about this fun and delicious eating establishment.

TwentyFIve Main, Café and Cake Parlor sign.
GQ had the Vanilla and I had the Fresh Raspberry, both were so Divine. Here is a list of their daily cupcakes, if you are ever in the area.

Photo: Introducing Wednesday's featured cupcake flavor...Strawberry Delight!  There are only a few of these left, so hurry over!
Strawberry crème cupcakes for TwentyFive Main

After great Panini's and cupcakes we walked around downtown SG and checked out some of the local shops. I particularly loved a home décor and clothing consignment shop called Urban Renewel, I got lots of fun ideas for decorating and the vintage shoes were to die for (even though I didn't get to buy any).
Red and Turquoise living room décor from Urban Renewal, St. George, Utah

GQ was in heaven we we stopped by a locally ran comic born store, ComicsPlus which is probably the only one in town I'm guessing. The prices were okay (not great) but GQ seemed ecstatic, the store owner didn't have the one he wanted but was able to special order it for him so great customer service.

Cover Photo
Snoopy characters dressed live various super heroes.

We also found a quaint little bookstore that was so cute and full of tons of books, GQ would have stayed at The Little Professor Book Center all day if I had let him. They have a huge selection of kids books and a play are for kids and tons of books on lots of topics. We always like to patron local bookstores as they are becoming more and more obsolete. 
Little Professor Book Center sign in St. George, Utah
 We then went to Snow Canyon to release some orange balloons to celebrate my late dad's birthday, we got married on his birthday and I love celebrating both of these big days together. I found this photo on Pinterest a couple of days ago and fell in love with it, it reminded me to celebrate life.

Little girl on a beach, leaping with a bouquet of balloons.

Ok, here's were it gets super sad....we thought it would be fun tor us to re-create this image and we did, and had fun doing it. THEN, I deleted GQ's entire iPad with all our pictures on it. My heart is broken, I'm so sad I lost those images. I literally cried.

After our impromptu photo shoot we visited a local Italian restaurant and I can NOT say enough about have terrific this place is. Piccolo Mondo is a hidden treasure that a friend of mine introduced me to but this was GQ's first visit. He was talking non-stop about how much he loved it. Everything there is made from scratch and the chef, Alfredo is super friendly and will cook to order. We asked for ours spicy and boy did we get spicy, it was incredible.

The atmosphere is amazing, romantic and just perfect. We will be going back often. We love Alfredo and his cooking! P.S. Neither of us like Tiramisu but we had heard it was incredible and that doesn't even describe it, it was BEYOND INCREDIBLE!

We truly had the best day together and enjoyed lots of local places in St. George. Happy birthday to my first love, my dad and happy anniversary to my last love, my GQ!
Various pictures of my dad growing up.

Wedding Photo: March 4, 2011

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Kelsey Sylvester said...

I love how ya'll spent your anniversary!! That last wedding photo you posted is so sweet--Wonderful!! :)