Some Things Never Change

Some things never change!

I was reminiscing about my childhood neighborhood, my friends and the
things we did growing up! It really was a fun neighborhood and we were outside
ALL the time. I miss that in today's world!

As I was thinking back on my childhood, I realized while lots of changes have
happened to us since we were all kids, some things haven't changed at all.

1. I used to be bossy! Super bossy-pants! I always put on plays in the neighborhood, and
of course I directed them. We would sell tickets to our shows and I was a
dictator when it came to play practice, no excuses, you were at play practice or
you were out! Glad I'm not bossy at all anymore...not at all.
Some things never change.

2. I loved fashion from day one. When I was in pre-school I wore a dress to school
every single day. Matching bows, tights, shoes and accessories. I was prissy too,
hated getting dirty and wasn't thrilled to be dressed in anything but a dress or
dance clothes. Everything had to match perfectly too.

In my preschool play on colors I was the color green; we were given a giant plastic bow in our color to wear during the show (which I hosted, for real, surprise, surprise). I did not have a thing that matched my bow so I had my grandma make one for me. Glad I'm over that now!
Some things never change.

3. From an early age I loved to organize things. I would put all my mom's perfumes
in order, I would make sure my dolls and stuffed animals were perfectly in place and
I did not like my room to be cluttered. I spent half my childhood organizing stuff...
including other kids. How did I even have friends? Today, just finished printing
labels for the bins in our walk in closet...sigh.
Some things never change.

4. I was a VERY emotional child! I would get exceeding upset about things, sad, happy, scary… I once cried so hard in Kindergarten, because I spilled the glue, that they sent me home.
I once saw this girl with torn up shoes and it upset me so much that I went home, snuck
ALL my shoes in my backpack and gave them ALL to the girl. Sweet, but a little Obsessive.
Some things never change…except I probably wouldn’t give away all my shoes.
Bridal picture of me looking at varies pairs of shoes.
5. Ok, this one's mostly my mother's fault but she used to/still does throw me some AMAZING
(and extravagant) birthday parties. Everyone had a theme (Chinese, Hawaiian, Circus, Teddy Bear, Fiesta…) and I always had A LOT of kids there! Now I can't plan a dang party/event/get-together without some kind of theme. If a party has no theme it makes me nuts (thanks mom).
Some things never change.

I imagine if we all looked at ourselves as kids we'd see not much has changed.

That's kind of comforting in an ever changing world, don't you think!?!

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