I {Heart} Veterans

I loved walking to church this morning and seeing all the American flags on display. It
Helped rejuvenate my faith in patriotism (which I needed...maybe we all need).
My view on Veteran's Day has changed TREMENDOUSLY in the last few years! When

I first met GQ in September 2007; he told me he would be deployed 9 months later to Iraq.
I almost didn't continue dating him because I never wanted, intended, imagined EVER
dating someone in the military. It just didn't seem like a lifestyle I could handle.
But, unexpectedly I sort of started falling in love, big time. I wanted to walk away so badly
but I just couldn't; there was something super special about this guy.

We continued to date and GQ was indeed deployed in May of 2008 for one year to Iraq. it
was one of the hardest years of my life. I did NOT understand, by any means, the sacrifices
we were both going to have to face with a deployment. I was NOT well prepared and sort
of jumped into it head first without knowing how to swim. It was harder than I could ever
explain on this blog.

But it was even harder for him, and I failed to realize that at the time. I was not a good
support to him and struggled to figure out how to guide him through it all. I took my role
for granted. We both struggled.

GQ came home from Iraq and it took us quite a long time to mend our broken relationship
and for GQ to mend himself.

All of it was worth it! All of it, to get where we are today.

I'm so thankful I've had the opportunity to get to know more military families and their
struggles and triumphs. I have learned more through being an Army wife than anything
else I've done. Our lives revolve around the military and when they call, he goes. No matter
what plans there may be, it doesn't matter if the military calls, he goes. It's frustrating,
scary, disappointing and really difficult some days. BUT I know it has made our
relationship stronger and we have learned to cherish our time together.

GQ is getting deployed again next year and we are doing our best to be better prepared this
time around. I am going to try to do much better at being the best support I can be.

Right now, this country is in more turmoil than I have ever seen, in my short life. It scares
me, it worries me, it makes me wish more and more than somewhere we might find
common ground and be united as one. It's never, to me, felt more un-united, which is not
what so many have fought for.

I read something yesterday that called this generation the "lamest generation". When I saw
this tears instantly welled up in my eyes. Why? Because, it hurts me to think that's what
some think of our generation; I don’t see it this way, that our generation is lame, not in whole, we’ve done a lot of great things in my opinion.

I just wish the hatred would stop!

I cried last night after reading this because my emotions are very much on the surface
as I begin to plan for me, and all the families in our battalion to face life apart for a year. I have
a husband that by the time he is 33 will have spent 2 years of his life, overseas, trying to
make life better for the American people. No I don’t want sympathy I just hope for a little united patriotism is all.

I end with a simple thank you to all those who love this country, who fight for it, who support those that fight for it, who say thanks to a member of the military, who displays a flag in their
yard, who don’t have to be hateful to have an opinion (remember why you get to express it in the first place).

Thank you to all of you and to all Veteran’s and their families today, tomorrow and the
rest of the days.

God Bless America!
This is a picture of GQ punching a punching bag. This was taken for photo editorial about Veteran's today.

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