Domestic Abuse

In reference to my previous post, for the first time in pretty much, well ever. I’ve had a lot of time on my hands. So I’ve become a humungo fan of Netflix. I swear I have never spent $7.99 a month on something this awesome! Well, anyway, I’ve been catching up on some TV shows that I’ve missed along the way. First it was Dawson’s Creek. Sigh…loved it!

The second series I just finished watching was Glee. Now, I have to say Season One I love, then it kind of was a little iffy after that but in that iffy-ness were a few episodes that were gems…
One episode really caught my attention. I thought I’d share my thoughts on it with you as it is something seriously important to me, for very, very personal reasons that I won’t go into. Maybe someday in my life I will get brave and jump into it, maybe. But I also have friends and family who have lived through domestic abuse and continue to battle.
The episode confronts the very serious issue of domestic abuse. It’s a tough topic to cover for those whom it hits close to home for but I was actually pretty impressed with how the Glee writers tackled the difficult topic.

The students at McKinnley High School discover their football coach is involved in relationship where she is abused, physically. I encourage you to watch the episode if you have a chance. Every case of domestic abuse is different but the episode delves into why it’s difficult to get out of and why many people go back.
The following video is a song they dedicated to their teacher, during the song it shows their coach going through the process of going back to her husband after he hit her. I really thought this version of this song was pretty touching…


I also encourage you to check out the Eve Foundation Website. Remember abuse can be more than physical abuse, know your rights and get help if you stuck in this situation.
I’m super lucky and thankful to have the best husband in the world now who knows how to treat me and respect me and for that I’m forever thankful. Just never settle for anything less than that, it took me a couple tries but I got it right this time! J
Ok, sorry if this felt too much like a public service announcement but I couldn’t “shake off” the feeling I needed to post this.
Lots of Love!
*For those want to watch the enitre Glee episode it is: Season 3: Episode 18 "Choke"

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Purple Domestic Violence Ribbon in background reads: "Domestic Violence Awarenss"

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