Getting my Craft on!

Today I have a day off so I'm...

Doing laundry.
Lots of it.
Organizing EVERYTHING.
Attempting to be crafty.
Decorating for St. Patty's Day.

So look what I made...

I had an old wreath I had bought years ago that I hated. It's a straw wreath which is not ideal for this project but it's do-able. A styrophone or plastic wrapped wreath would work better. You can buy such wreaths at my favorite online shop, Oriental Trading, go here to check them out! This is a large one and it's less than 5 bucks. Heck yes!

My husband LOVES St. Patty's Day so I thought I should decorate a bit for him.

This is a medium size wreath so I only had to use one roll of yarn.
I bought the yarn at Walmart for $2.75, it's a forest green color but there are tons of awesome green colors, the thicker the better on the yarn.

I just tied the firt loop around and started wrapping it round and round while watching reality TV shows on E! I like those slimey shows, what can I say.

I wrapped it all the way around. Make sure you keep each strand close to the next one so you have no gaps. I sucked at this and still ended up with some gaps. Eh.

Then I already had a wooden "A," for Awesome. Not really it's our family last name, but we are Awesome so it works. I then made a clover out of green ribbon and a large silver button in the middle, it turned out better than I expected but still may not actually look like a clover to some. Humor me.

Then I made a cute little tiny banner that says, "lucky". Awww. Cute right!?!

It's fun. It's green. And now I feel more jazzed about St. Patricks Day.

Look at me being all domestic.

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Sam said...

I think that looks great! I also think you should add that to pintrest. So easy, super cute and way cheap! Love it!