Frame is and Love it!

I have been doing the 14 Days of Valentines for GQ this month. Now before you start thinking what an amazing wife I am and how I'm trying to out-shine other wives, I have to say that I've been terrible at it!

I've missed a couple of days and left him with an empty box which is probably worse than no box at all. I made him a giant cookie last night (he loves giant cookies) and burned the edges, I just flat out forgot one whole day and I accidentally listed ALL of his gifts on our grocery list that HE took to the store, so he bought all his own presents. Genius right.

But today is going to be different. I have a great little present (so I think). I thought I'd share the idea that I totally stole off of Pinterest.

I found this cute little picture (I liked the colors a lot and they match our bedroom)...

The picture says "I love you because..." in a yellow, red and baby blue color scheme.
I will be framing it in a 5X7 frame.
And then I bought some dry erase markers so we could write lovey dovey messages to each other.
For my blind friends, I also though of doing a magnet board instead and using braille letter magnets.

I can't wait to write some sweet things on it life...

I love you because...

You make me work out at 5 am which I really hate your for at the time but love you for in the end.
You're gassy like me.
You shower on a daily basis even though you sometimes forget deodorant.
You make me delicious food and cook for me (thank heaven or I'd starve).
You work out so your super hot.
You leave your nasty, sweaty socks all balled up so I can then un-ball them to put in the laundry basket which reminds me you workout therefor you're hot.
You make me smile when I want to be grumpy.
You don't tell anyone all the WEIRD and CRAZY things I say.

See doesn't this seem like fun!

I say if you're single you should make one anyway and tell yourself why you love you, I'm doing this too for my office. I could use a little reminder to think about reasons why I love me, how about you?

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