Tiffany's Turn...

There are some days that I don't understand how certain things, not so good things, can happen to such TERRIFIC people! It's hard to understand sometimes...

It's a beautiful day when you wake up and learn something GREAT has happened to someone GREAT, don't you think!?! Kind of rejuvenates the soul.

My cousin Tiffany is one of the most terrific people I have ever know. She is also THEE sweetest person I've ever me, she's my dad's niece and she has always reminded me of him in so many ways.

She has been wanting, for more than a long time, to be a mom. She's cut out to be a mom, it's so obvious. You know those people that you just imagine with kids, that's her!?! She's the kind of person that should be a mom because if more kids had a mom like her, our world would be very different.

Her husband Nick is equally wonderful (although kind of a dork;)

Well just less than four weeks ago, after years of trying to get pregnant, fertility treatment failure one right after the other, her husband and she decided to file for adoption...

Less than a week after putting their adoption profile on the web they got a phone call, now they were told at one point that the average wait period to adopt is eight years! Can you imagine!?!

So when they got a phone call less than a week after posting their profile, they were shocked. Now I won't share the whole story because it's their story to tell, not mine but keeping on track with their fast paced adoption process, they found out a mother had selected them and she was due in TWO WEEKS!

Can you imagine having two weeks to get ready for a baby? Holy crap! But Tiff and Nick were ready for this baby for years, I know that.

So now these two amazing cousins of mine are parents to the most adorable little lady, Mya! She is beautiful and so very lucky to have the parent's she does!

What a beautiful gift adoption is!

I just wanted the world to know how happy I am for them and how much I love Tiff, Nick and Mya! What a blessing they all have been to me and it's due time they get their blessing in return!

So happy Mother's and Father's Day to Nick and Tiffany and Happy Birth Day to the beautiful Mya!

 Isn't it wonderful to know good things do happen to good people! Refreshing wouldn't you say!?!


Erin J said...

Congratulations, Tiffany and Nick! That is a wonderful blessing for you, and your baby is blessed to have you as parents. I'll be in prayer for her birth mom too, as she is grieving right now. Our precious little boy came into our family through domestic newborn adoption, although we definitely waited longer than a couple of weeks! But it's still amazing, and I love to hear stories of other adoptive parents. :)

talks_to_kitties said...

amazing story! you write such touching pieces. :)