Will Bake for Shoes...

Good housewives cook, clean, iron, scrub, bake, etc. etc. GQ knew when marrying me that he was pretty much getting none-of-the-above.

Now I've actually been told I'm a good cook, but I try to ignore that or pretend I don't hear it, because I generally HATE doing it. I do have moments of weakness that I slap on the apron and cook/bake. GQ usually asks, "Are you OK?" if he sees me in my apron.

Recently my sister-in-law, who has been living with us this summer, was having a birthday. If you know me at all, and if you know my family history, you know that my family knows how to throw a PARTAY! So I decided she needed a party.

With me you will quickly learn that ANY party I throw must have a theme! I love themes and to me, it's not a party without a theme! I mean each room in my house has a theme, I {heart} themes! :)

So I decided to go with a Superhero Movie theme. My sis-in-law loves movies and superheros (she's 17 by-the-way). It's a genetic thing because my husband is exactly the same. Weird, but it is what it is.

So the first thing I thought about was the cake. I mean that IS the most important part of a birthday. Food is always my first thought. So I did some research (meaning I Googled a bunch of stuff) and found these ADORABLE cupcakes. They looked pretty simple so I figured it was something even I could do!

Popcorn Cupcakes...

They turned out pretty dang cute, right!?! I was pretty proud of myself.

So a few people have asked for the recipe and how these beauties were made. So you're about to find out.

First Off, you gotta make the cupcakes, now I"m about to share my secret cupcake recipe...

Step One: So you follow the direction on the box (you can use whatever flavor you wish, I used funfetti in this situation). Mix it with some stuff, and some other stuff then poor it into regular (doesn't matter the pattern) cupcake tins. Then you back them, in an over, at some medium high degrees until they're done, but not burnt. Then you cool them COMPLETELY on this wire shelf thing that my friend gave me to use.

Voila. Cupcakes.

Step Two: Get this container of frosting and take the lid off and pull off the aluminum lid thing. Then use a wet knife to spread the frosting generously on the cupcakes. The more frosting, the better.

Step Three: Take a bag of the mini marshmallows (if you can find mini mellows in yellow you can use those, if not white are fine), you made need two bags if you are baking a lot of cupcakes. Then you take each tiny mellow and cut it in half. Put it in a bowl for now.

Step Four: Print out the cupcake wrappers. I literally took this picture, saved it on my computer, and printed out on a full size sheet of paper. I didn't even use card stock, just regular white paper.

Here is the link to this picture. Cut them out and wrap them around using a small piece of scotch tape to keep it together. Place the already baked cupcakes into the Popcorn Wrappers.

Step Five: Put the halved mellows on the cupcakes in a clump like manner. The icing will make them stick. The more you use on each cupcake the more it will look like popcorn. Make sure the entire cupcake is covered.

Step Six: Once the mellows are on the cupcake take yellow food coloring and put in a bowl with a little bit of water, mix it well. Take a bran new clear paint brush and paint each cupcake to turn the mellows yellow. The more yellow the better, more buttery look.

Step Seven: Optional. You can use yellow sugar crystals to sprinkle on top of the cupcakes.

Step Eight: Eat the yumminess.

These cupcakes were a lot of fun to make and a big success at the party...

I hope you enjoyed one of the few recipes you will EVER find on S&S. Happy Baking!


Kathie said...

You rock Deja! We should have eaten these babies at your Oscar party! That had to have been one of the best theme parties ever!

Anonymous said...

Those cupcakes are the cutest things I have ever seen! I know your sister in law must adore you! I am going to make some for my daughter on movie night with her friends! thanks...

(a friend of your moms from school> korinn

Inga said...

Is there a better file available for me to print a clear copy of the popcorn cupcake wrapper? Mine looks very blurry.