DOPE T-shirts!!!

People! It's been forever since I S and S'd, so sad! :( But I've been slightly busy, if you wanna know why I've been busy you can visit my other blog!

My cute friend Miss Marla and I are always talking about funny sayings that would make awesome t-shirts. Someday we are going to get it together and actually make and sell these fun-larious (that's fun and hilarious mixed) t-shirts! Fo sho!

So I love the idea of empowering t-shirts. My work , well actually my clever, smart, wonderful, kind, handsome, funny boss (hey, evaluations are coming up) came up with these two cute t-shirt ideas that are slightly more appropriate than the ones Marla and I have come up with in the past.

Look how cute these are...

The PRICELESS Shirt - This shirt, touting the importance of independence that cannot be captured at any cost, is a black short sleeve T-shirt with white lettering. The front of the shirt has a printed list which says: “White Cane: $25 Braille Lessons: $45 Accessible Software: $750”

The back of the shirt says: “Independence for the Blind… Priceless!”

Look how cute the models are too, just sayin! :)

I don't even like dogs but this next one is pretty fun...

The USE MORE CANES shirt- This shirt, reminiscent of the Chick-Fil-A ® Cow, is a Red, short sleeve T-shirt with a graphic cartoon of a cute yellow dog standing up on hind legs. The dog is wearing a blindfold and holding a long white cane in his right paw. He is holding a white sign that says in black letters “Use More Canes" in his left paw.

Pretty funky and awesome, right!?!

And the BEST thing about these cute t-shirts is that you can totally get one for yourself! Boo ya!

So if you want one of these funzy shirts you just have to email me, deja.powell@gmail.com with which one and which size.

These are all the sizes available:
Adult: small, medium, large, XL, XXL
Ladies fitted: small, medium, and large
Youth: medium or large

These beauties are not

or even

or even

they are 20 BUCKS people ($15 for kids shirts)!

(I always wanted to see if that commonly used infomercial tactic worked, guess we'll find out...)

There is a $5 shipping charge for small orders but seriously, they're worth it!

So get your happy, independent blind people shirt on, cuz it's stylish! Hello!
I'll be rockin' mine tomorrow, you better believe it!
k. email me.

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Anonymous said...

Deja, You make this sound so much more fun than we do. I'm rockin' my PRICELESS t-shirt today, too! Love it! Everyone needs to order one. Seriously, they are preshrunk good quality shirts.
P.S. I agree, the models are awesome!