Happy St. Patty's Day from S&S!

I hate green! I know what a grumpy way to start this post right. However, I am flaunting it to the best of my ability today!

But I thought I'd post a little activity I did with the kiddos today! I know as a teacher of blind kids, I love to hear ideas from other teachers about what they are doing for their O&M lessons so I thought I'd share...

We had a rockin' St . Patty’s Day Scavenger Hunt today!

The sweet Miss Maria and her girls helped me cut out a dozen or so Shamrocks on bright green cardstock.

I got to the school early and placed them in varies areas around the outside of the school. It's 80 degrees here in Louisiana so it's warm enough in March to do this, it would still work indoors though.

The kids put on their blindfolds and we read them the clues...
1. I’m hanging outside in the place where the American Flag flies in the wind!(THE FLAG POLE)
**They needed a little help with this one. I asked , "Where would an American flag be flying?" and one of my kids said, "in America!!!" So we had to help them a little on this one. (I mean she WAS right!)

2. I love to play at recess! You can find me at the fence that’s around the first grade playground, I will be hanging out there! (CHAIN LINK FENCE AROUND PLAYGROUD).
**You could do this on the playground equipment, which would be fun, but we have travel during recess so keeping the shamrocks actually on the playground equipment was probably not going to happen!

3. I am hanging out at the fence where we practice our street crossings, it can get kind of stinky with this trash can across the street! (FENCE ON NORTH EAST SIDE OF THE SCHOOL).

4. I am going to the room where you learn your Braille, look for me outside the Braille room, cause I wanna learn too! (BRAILLE ROOM ON THE RAILING).
**The Braille room is actually in a re-locatable outside, so it worked out nicely for our scavenger hunt.

5. You did it! You found me in all my hiding places! Now go in Mrs. Hammock's room for a special surprise! (MRS. HAMMOCK’S ROOM)
**At the end I had a little green treat bag, filled with green treats and a little Braille card they had to read before they could open their treat bags.

We only had an hour for our activity so this could go on for as long as you need! The kids had a lot of fun and we learned some mobility skills at the same time!

Despite one kids minor mishap with a large pole, It was a good St. Patty's Day after all!

Why couldn't the Irish pick pink, seriously!?!

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I've just stumbled upon your blog, and I love it! It's so insightful, and outspoken, and.....all sorts of adjectives!

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