7. Tying the Knot: Let them Eat!

We topped off the night with a delicious meal, dessert & dancing. All Star Catering served a delicious made-to-order omelet and breakfast buffet. Yes, the wedding was at night but GQ and I have always loved breakfast for dinner. It was delicious and the staff and chefs at All Star Catering were so sweet and wonderful. The food received rave reviews, it was a lovely meal.

My darling aunts who all helped so much.

I love this picture because GQ were in the corner, we snuck away for a little moment together, but we obviously got busted! It was a really sweet moment for us. We are so happy!

Here I am at the table, alone. Because we lost our marriage license, wonderful right!?! So Lucas was off searching for it...

Derek, my new brother-in-law, surprised us a toast. He did a great job and it a very sweet moment.

Because Derek toasted, baby sis was forced to toast too! She did a great job too and doesn't she look adorable in her tangerine dress, you can't even tell she's pregnant. 

We found the marriage license. So now it's official. *grin*

Notice my pink and orange can, which I painted for the special day.

A short cupcake cutting ceremony and a rendition of Happy Birthday to Dad!

My cute grandma, my daddy's mom, got pretty emotional during the Happy Birthday's. She is the best grandma in the world, we love her so much!

It was a great meal with great company!


Diane said...

Absolutely, positively one of the most beautiful weddings...A lovely Bride and handsome Groom...I know the marriage and life together will be more beautiful and wonderful than anything you can imagine. God Bless and keep you both.
Diane Arender

June said...

Congratulations!! We are so happy for you. I was so excited to see you post all of these pictures. We were not able to make it since my brother also got married. You look so great together! Love you!