A friend of mine, who has every right to be selfish right now, posted on her blog about how the Internet (Facebook, Twitter, Blogger) has made us a little self-centered. I must say I have to agree that I get that way TOO often. I say thank you to my friend Meg who really brought me an answer to my prayers...

Lucas started this "tradition" with me, when we very first started dating. He always ends the day with me by asking, "What was your favorite part of today?" I love that he started asking me this and has NEVER forgotten a night. I love this tradition because even when I'm having a crap-tastic kinda day, I still have to find the good (which is so super hard sometimes). I can't wait to answer his question every night for forever.

I need to change my ways...be more positive, smile more, laugh a lot more often, be there more for my friends, listen more and talk less and just simply be better.

Today, I am so glad that I work with the people I do! Aren't they great?
and, "Yes!" I talked them into wearing pink!

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