Let me teach you how to see...

I'm baffled by something! What's new, right!?!

I heard this phrase again today, and I've hear it for years now...

"You must teach students with Low Vision use their vision!

What the crap?!? Seriously.

Ok, people think about this, how do  you teach someone to use their vision, it's the most ridiculous concept to me!

Did your mommy teach you to see as a baby. Nope! You just did (or didn't in my case).

But no one teaches you that, it's like teaching someone to hear, or teaching someone how to smell something, or teaching someone to fart, you just do or you don't. (Gross I know, but had to make my point).

What a freaking waste of time for Orientation and Mobility Specialists to spend so much time teaching somone to use their already completely horrible and useless vision! Boooooo!

I'm grateful everyday that I put on the blind fold and go the best training and don't have to squint my eyes all day trying to teach myself to see...that would be a way lamer existance!

That's All. Done for the Day!

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Erin J said...

Thank you for posting stuff like this. When we bring our adopted daughter home from Ethiopia who has a little usable vision but not much, I plan to teach her blindness skills right away. Of course she'll use her eyes when she wants to, but she will also learn how to get along when she's tired or the light is bad or her eyes get worse. And all the "experts" can just eat it.