Lolli, Lolli, Lolli, Lollipop!

I've been told before that I try to paint this picture that blindness is all, "Roses and Lollipops." As much as I love me some lolipops and roses I don't think that's what blindness is, oh heck no!

I know it can be tough. I know it can be a huge pain in the rear. I know that somedays you hate it. I've been there, ane recently. So here goes, I'm about to get really real about something I've been feeling lately...

Recently I've been complaining about headaches. We've all had them but I would bet my last Dove Promise that you low vision peeps know why I've been having these headaches...

um huh...you know what I'm talkin' bout!

I had a conversation with my boss recently, a very humbling but necessary conversation with him, for which I'm grateful for. We talked and I agreed with his diagnosis that I'm using my vision too much. I work at a computer for long hours and am often using a screenreader to do my work, but I'm also using what little vision I do have to find things on my monitor.

I can tell you that during this conversation with my boss, I didn't smell any roses or taste any lollipops...instead I felt tears well up in my eyes. Truth bites the big one somethimes!

The truth is I struggle everyday to turn off my monitor, turn on my screen reader and let my vision rest. Maybe it's years and years of habit, maybe it's lack of discipline, maybe it's natural instinct, but no matter the reason it's tough for me to use alternative skills and not use my vision. And it's an area that I continue to struggle with.

So, there you go, this week I'm not such a huge fan of my blindness, or even more so my "little bit of vision". Good or bad that's how I feel about it for now.

This is me being real.

So how's that for lillipop's and roses!?!

(Happier posts will follow...promise!)


Becky said...

Thanks for being real and often get told that same thing ...sometimes a little remaining vision is complicated!

Beth Finke said...

I love an honest post about blindness. I am blind and keep a blog, too:

Keepp up the good work, this is a great blog -

Lucent Imagery said...

Love this real post! Yes, we do have a constant battle don't we? A balancing act of trying to squeeze everything we can out of life and by nurturing what vision we have left. I'm glad that's how we live though, rather than resigning ourselves to giving up.