Stylish Spotlight: One Driven Mama

I have been lucky to know some pretty fabulous people in my life!
I'd like you to meet one of them, this is Marla...
I have got to sit back and witness this woman for the past couple of years and may I simply say that I have seen few people in my life who work harder, care deeper, love morer and fight harder for blind kids than this woman!

She was honored recently in the state of Utah for her tremendous impact on parents of blind children and blind persons in general. This was her award...
She takes on a bazillion roles and fights a bazillion fights for the rights of blind children in the state of Utah. She gets it! She gets it partly because she has blind children of her own...
but also because she knows that blind kids deserve as much a chance for success as anyone else. She takes leadership in Utah, which has (in my opinion) the strongest Parent's of Blind Children division in this country! Not only does she do it all, she does it without the slightest desire for recognition.

Well to bad Miss Marla!

Now to get a little personal...
Marla, you don't know it but I watch you, not is a creepy stalker way or anything, but I watch you and take note. Because I hope, whether I have a blind child of my own or not, to be as hip and as driven and as empowering as you are to 'your kids'. You make things happen and do it with grace.

Thanks Marla for making such a huge impact on this world (and me)!

P.S. Everyone! Marla has designed some pretty flippin' awesome t-shirts coming out soon! We were thinking one should say,
"Chicks With Canes Are Hot!"
I love it! :)

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Becky said...

She is an incredible advocate and mom. Congrats Marla.