No Signal for these Sneakers!

I'M GOING NUTS!!!!!!!!!
(yet again)

You see I had one of these phones...
Love of my life! No doubt, my favorite phone of ALL time, and I have not loved many phones! :(

Then, one day this ditzy blonde next to Lady Gaga, have no idea who she is...

decided to wash her cell phone with her dishes.

So she got a new phone...
Looks awesome huh! Well, it was truly a piece of poop (a very pricey piece).

So I returned it when I tried for a bazillion and a half hours to figure out how to work it.

I traded it in for this astronomically insanely expensive piece of work...

Yeah!  I finally have a phone! I can go back to normalcy! Life is good! T
ext away little Deja! You're fans can now reach you!


Can't figure out this one either! Piece of #&$&%^(#&($($^(%*!!!
 (come on guys that couldn't possibly be a real cuss word, it's too long, so back off).

Well I'm off to use my newly purchased stress kit...

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Daisy said...

My son has a motorola phone from Verizon that reads just about everything he needs and has some voice-activated features. It doesn't read his text messages, though; that's one drawback.