Old Sneakers

I was looking through some pictures last night and took a little strole down memory lane, would you like to go with me on a short little jaunt?

This is me in my high school musical, "Cinderella" (I'm in the pink dress on the left).

I played the Queen and in the process became a little more queenly I think. I really started coming out of my shell when I did this musical...some say that's good others may disagree! :)

This picture is with my friend Katie and taken the day before I left for Hawaii to go to college. I had no idea how much my life was about to change in this picture. I didn't have a clue that such tremendous things were about to happen...

The day I got my Master's Degree is one of the greatest days I can remember...
My family was with me and I did something that I truly and sincerely didn't think I could do. I always thought I could "get through" college and that would be huge for me. But I never dreamed I'd go to graduate school, it was never is the life planner.

I got a blessing one day and was told in that blessing that education would be "invalueable" in my life and to get as much as I could! That's partly why this day meant so much to me.

This picture brought some tears to the eyes, not gonna lie.
GQ and I had some extremely tough times during his deployment to Iraq! This picture was taken when he got to come home for a short Christmas visit about six months into his year-long deployment. What amazes me about this picture is my face. While there had been so much heartache leading up to this moment, it all melted away when I saw him there, safe!

Thanks for the stroll! :)


Sam said...

I loved that little jaunt down memory lane! I love the queen that you were in high school and I love the queen that you have become. you look so happy throughout the years. Looking back at the hard times makes it all worth it in the moment!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for all the other life changing times that you'll have. And you are still a queen of my heart!!! love Lucas

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Looooooooove the pic of you as Cinderella--you look so sassy!!! I adore you, girl!

Daisy said...

My favorite part of these pictures? The fact that your white cane is a natural part of them.