SpAcE BrAiLlE...

So how cool is this...

Two of the new Louis Braille Silver Dollars are now out there in the universe aboard the space shuttle Atlantis! The two coins will tag along for the 11 day mission of the shuttle which just launched yesterday.

I'm such a dork, I know, cause I think this is so stinkin' cool. Of course I've always been a tiny bit obsessed with wanting to be an astronaut--my childhood dream! Sigh! So that's probably why I think this is flippin' neat!

On the other hand, the National Federation of the Blind will launch a program to sell 50,000 of these limited edition coins to raise funds to advance Braille literacy in the United States before the shuttle returns to earth in eleven days.

Some of you are probably sick of hearing about the Braille coin...yadda, yadda, yadda--but I think it's a fun item to have and goes to one of the most important causes to me...Braillie Baby!

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Brian said...

me too, I am really stoked about it.