It's Your Turn....

One BIG reason I am here today is because I have had many wonderful, blind mentors in my life! You know these people, the ones that push you, cheer you on, pick you up and encourage you! I have many of these people in my life and I'm certain you do too.

Leave a comment on my blog or email me at deja.powell@gmail.com and give me a brief paragraph description of a person who has mentored you, inspired you, encouraged you...tell me about this person and what impact they have left on your life and you and they may be featured in a "Stylish Spotlight" in the near future.

You are more than welcome to submit as many nominees as you wish. If possible include a picture!

...at the end, one winner will be voted on to recieve a special:

Slate & Stylish Spotlight award!!!

Can't wait to meet these Stylishly Superb people in your lives.


Torrie said...

There is this wonderful person I have had the honor to be friends with. She is an inspiration and can do anything she puts her mind to. I love this girls so much! She made me cry of happiness and I was so proud of her when this past weekend she faced a huge fear of hers and danced in an unfamiliar place where she couldnt see what was around her and did an OUTSTANDING job. She gave me the chills. Im sure you have met her and know her. Her name is Deja Powell!!! Thanks Dej for being so amazing and always being there for me!
p.s. for the picture just look in the mirror!!! lol!

Katie Girl said...

Someone that I have had the chance to meet and who I consider my role model is Deja Powell. I met her in the summer of 2007 while attending the STEP program at the Louisiana Center for the Blind in Ruston, Louisiana. Ms. Deja was my cane travel instructor that summer, and she was always there to encourage me even if I doubted myself, and she helped me to become more assertive and moreconfident in what I do. I love Ms. Deja so much, and I have really learned a lot from her... and she is really funny too. Love ya girl!