Thanks Senator Bennett!!!

Today a group from the National Federation of the Blind of Utah headed downtown... to present one our fine Senator's, Robert Bennett, with a newly minted 2009 commerative Louis Braille coin...The Salt Lake media joined in in making the special presentation to the Senator who helped co-sponser the bill in the Senate.Procedes from the sell of each coin will go to various campaigns for Braille Literacy in the United States, for less than 10 percent of blind people read Braille, a dismal number at best!
It was a great moment for our state and for blind people across the country. It was a ton of fun to get to be a part of something so fabulous.

and two of my awesome students joined me and made the trip to the city's federal building under shades and did a knock-out job--a shout out to them too...

For the full local story, log on to Fox 13 or the Deseret News!

To order your own Louis Braille Limited Edition Coin go to usmint.gov.

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