Barf Green, Stay Away From Me!

Today has felt a lot like this...

and this girl, in front here, is about how I feel about it!

I feel like I'm on this mad roller coaster right screaming my guts out, "Please Stop! Get me off of this!"

But it doesn't end! Sure parts of it are a blast and yet parts of it make me wanna vomit (nice imagae right!?!)

My career is, well, quite frankly amazing right now! I love my job, I love what I do, I love being an advocate for something I believe in and I'm beginning to work on something that I've dreamed my whole life about (sorry, can't make any announcements yet!?!)

I'm livin' large in a million ways...so why, oh why, please tell me why do I only see and feel pain right now (this song title will be on my first country album!) I mean, What the Freakin' Heck!?!

When there's so many fun drops in the coaster that make us giggle, why do we feel like barfing at the end!?! What about the fun belly-swishing, tingly-toed, adrenaline-pumping moments!?

How do I get off this Wild Ride and get back on a ride more my style like...

Come on...no one ever barfs on, "It's a Small World!" Uh...maybe this was a bad example...for some this would cause barfage, but for a very minoot few! Like when my sweet mom, who I love and adore, makes us ride it 90 times...when we're in our 20's!

P.S. I may have A.D.D., haven't been officially diagnosed but my posts may have self diagnosed me...sorry.

In conclusion, (thank the heavens) it's been an emotionally, messed-up kinda day and tomorrow I wanna just ride, It's a Small World!!!


Julie said...

I hope you can get off the roller coaster soon! The It's A Small World Ride freaked me out. You've gotta see The Simpsons episode when they make fun of it. Lisa drinks some of the water they're floating on and starts hallucinating. It's hilarious!

SassaFrass Photography said...

Gray skies are going to clear up, put on a Happy face! We all go through those times, but don't worry you'll see the sunshine again soon ;)

SassaFrass Photography said...

Oh and I will definitely come and find you if we are at the same competitions! She has one at Roy High school, and one at Viewmont. Are you going to be at any of those????