The Things that REALLY matter...

This was a recent conversation I had with a group of high school students...
Student: So like how can you tell if a guy is hot, because that is like so important?

Deja: You can tell a lot by the guys confidence, the way he carries himself, his ability to commuicate, his smell (I'm just being honest, they have to smell good!). I can see a little but I have totally blind guy friends who will sit on a bench with me and watch women walk buy and they calls it right every time (and they say blind people don't have super powers...paleez!). But you really can tell a lot about the person by how they carry themselves. I truely don't think the "law of attraction" is any different for a blind person.

Student: Oh, thank goodness cause that's like mega important.

Deja: Yep. So guys...would you like to see a little of the Braille code?

Student: Uhhh, but...do you have a boyfriend and if so, we'd rather see a picture of him!

end quote...such important things on youth's minds! Braille Shmaille!

Disclosure: I do realize not all teenagers say "Like" a lot, however this particular tween said, "Like", "Like a lot". These posts need to be as true to real life as possible people!

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