Q&A Today: Of Capes and Thigh Highs

Would you say that your other senses are heightened because you can't see?

It’s a common misconception that blind people have “super-hearing” or “super-smelling” powers but that’s very untrue (although would be a fanstastic thing to have...maybe...). There is nothing “super” about my hearing, however I do use it a lot and rely on it for the majority of my information gathering. For example, when I am under a blindfold and not using my vision at all, I find myself paying much more attention to what I hear in my environment. Although I'd love to flaunt a cape, some tights and some sassy red thigh-high boots I won't be anytime soon...or maybe I will, hmmm might be kinda stylish! Wink!

This would however be my emblem...but in pink of course...if I were indeed a super here (I'm going too far with this aren't I!?!)

(Description: Blue triangle with a capital letter "D" in it in blue).

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