Gee how lucky can ya get!?!

Remembering Ruston Continued...

I have all-to-commonly been referred to as, "The Most Un-Lucky Girl Alive!" Not a title I'm proud of but one I can't argue with really. Don't get me wrong, I'm lucky in a lot of ways but I'm also quite unlucky in a lot of ways too...

Since coming to Ruston I can honestly say there has Never, Ever been a dull moment, not even for a second. But instead of talking about the sad, unlucky experiencing I've had I choose to share a few somewhat funny, somewhat "what the ?" moments.

Since arriving in Ruston...

A car blew up in front of my apartment, for some still unknown reason (luckily no one was in the car at the moment), it was like living in a James Bond movie (without the gorgeous leading man...see, so unlucky).

Photo Description: James Bond with a tux on holding a pistol.

I got hit by a car by some lady who was too busy enjoying her Taco Bell and never even stopped to check on me, I mean truly, I can understand the importance of food and all, heck I love food, but please don't run me down in the process, (unless you plan on buying me a few gorditas, at least).

Photo Description: The Taco Bell Chihuahua with a speech bubble that says, "Yo No Quiero Taco Bell"

I had to call the Ruston police on one too many occasions (they know me there...I'm like a "valued customer" or something).

And while it's not technically in Ruston, I got thrown up on while on a flight from Ruston to Dallas which happened right after I got knocked down the escalator backwards, by a Disney Princess back-pack wearing 6-year-old (they always look so cute and innocent). That was a stinkily painful day!

Photo Description: Little girl wearing a pink and purple backpack smiling.

Anyone wanna take me to Vegas?

I didn't think so.

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