Q&A Today: Crossing Shmossing!

Is it scary to cross streets?

Crossing streets used to be very scary for me, especially when I didn’t use a cane. Now that I have good training and have learned to travel with a cane I can’t think of a single street that scares me (don't I sound couragious!)

When crossing streets you use traffic patterns to dictate when it’s time to cross. As soon as I hear my parallel (or the traffic going the same way I'm about to walk) surge I know that it’s safe for me to go. There’s many kinds of intersections but this rule of thumb seems to work in most cases.

With the right training crossing streets becomes a simple, non-eventful daily task and is a lot less complicated than it may seem to some (save the complication for other life events, like relationship and such...no, I'm not bitter, only maybe a little).

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