Q&A Today: School Struggles

In an academic world designed for "normal" students, which is defined, for the purpose of this question, as students without a disability, be it learning or physical, how did you make it through school?

School never came easy for me, it was something I had to work at constantly. I often used books on tape (later they were on computer disk, a floppy, "yes" that makes me old!). I also hired readers to do just that, read my textbooks for me. For tests I also used a reader to dictate the questions to me and then scribe the answers. I used a computer to type up my class lecture notes and some blind students use a fancier piece of technology (well it's fancy to me) called a Notetaker, which is smaller machine with an electronic braille display that functions much like a computer and also has speech output (did that sound techy enough? Probably not).

Photo Description: Deja and her aunt at college graduation at Utah State University.

For me, or for anyone that struggles in school it’s important to be creative and find the best method for you to learn, nothing is too outlandish, use whatever works!

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