In the Pink...

Dear Family & Friends,

Every year at this time I can’t help but think about all the people in my life and how thankful I am to be surrounded by people I love.

This year has been a busy one, full of accomplishment, joy and change. I graduated in August with my Master Degree from Louisiana Tech University in Educational Psychology. I began interviewing for jobs a couple of months before graduation and accepted a job offer in Salt Lake a week before graduation. Despite my insistence on, “NOT going back to Utah,” I made the move and now am a cane travel instructor for services for the blind in Salt Lake. Since the snow has hit I’ve been wondering why I didn’t pursue the job in Florida, but I “signed-up” so here I am! I have a fun apartment in the heart of the city and love the location and love my new “home”.

Leaving Louisiana was the toughest move I’ve made yet! I grew to love and care a lot about the people I met there, during my two year stay, as many of these people became my Family. I thought going to Louisiana would be the hardest thing I’d ever do but leaving it may have been even harder. I’m very lucky to have gotten to spend the time I did with people who truly touched my life and helped me become the Deja I’ve always wanted to be.

While leaving Louisiana was hard, I’m grateful to be back in Utah and living close to my family. Ambree is so grown up now and is happily preparing for her big wedding day next year. Mom is re-married to a great guy and is still teaching dance and obsessing over the Jazz. My sweet little Iszacc (my nephew) is now five-years-old and so big and so smart, I am loving watching him grow up. I’m very blessed to have the loving, supportive family that I do. Even though they’re all a little crazy, I love them a lot!

I’m very grateful for the new friends I am making and for this new chapter in my life. Change is hard but I look forward to what lies ahead. I hope this year has found all of you well. Thank you each for being you and for the ways you’ve impacted me! I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and may God bless you in the new year!

With Love,
Deja Marie

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