True Colors...

Quietly I try and take on my own hurts and I face my own fears.
Few ever know what's going on in my head,
and even fewer know my heart.
Quiet and private I love being with myself.I'm content alone,
in knowing who I am.
But then...I go onto the stage and I begin to dance
and I feel more peaceful, more aware, alive and strong infront of a crowd than I ever have in my little corner.

The smile can't escape me and for that brief 2 minute routine,
Deja likes Deja!
For a moment I forget my faults and I just

This weekend I got to perform again, for the first time in nearly six years. I remembered, the moment I stepped on stage why I was
born to be aDANCER!


The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Wow, I really can't fathom dancing. I have always wished I could do it but "graceful" and "Rachel" doesn't work well in the same sentence as does coordination. I love watching it!

Torrie said...

oh Deja I love you so much and couldn't agree more! You are such a beautiful dancer too!!

SassaFrass Photography said...

I haven't danced in just as long, well not on stage anyways! I almost brake my limbs on furniture just about every day! ;)

Darren and Dianne said...

That's so cool! I dream for that feeling of being on stage performing. It's the best feeling in the world. That's great that you are dancing again!

AdieBriHay said...

Hi Deja!! This is Adrian Stapley from high school. My daughter is in Ambree's class so I got to watch her Saturday. I also got to watch you perform. You are amazing!!! You haven't dance in 6 years? I would have never known... Awesome job!