Happy B-Day Brown-Eyed Girl!

Happy Birthday to my little (yet taller) sister! You're 22 today and have accomplished so much in your life! I'm very proud of you and know the years to come will bring even more happiness.
Now...lets get on to the less sappy stuff...in your 22 years of life, one of the things you've certainly accomplished is the job of embarassing your big sister...on many ocassions. Here are just a couple of your "great accomplishment".

Ambree at about age 2: (Her stage of wondering the difference between males and females). Ambree, looking onto the stage at the dance recital and seeing a guy dressed like a cheerleader (the poor kid was confused) so ran onto the stage, curtain open, mike on and lifted the boys skirt and asked, "Do you have a weinee!?! Because you're wearing a skirt!?!" My mom was probably most embarassed since this was her studio's dance recital.

Ambree at age 5: "Deja, why in the world would anyone by a napkin for 24 cents when you can get them for free?" Deja: "Don't worry about it just be quiet" (Mind you, we are in a crowded bathroom at the Delta Center) Ambree: "But I need to buy one to see why their so special." Deja: "No you don't, just be quiet!" Ambree: "Oh look, I got a quarter so I can just buy it myself" Deja "NO! I'm leaving" Ambree: "But I just want to see what a special napkin looks like!"

There are plenty more but since it's your birthday I'll keep it at 2 (what am I talking about 2 is like the tip of the iceberg folks!)


(How could this cute face be anything but innocent...ha!)


SassaFrass Photography said...

Okay the funny thing is that I remember that cheerleading incident! Too funny! Wish her a Happy Birthday from me!

June said...

Those are cute, funny stories. I could totally see her doing that. Tell her Happy Birthday from all of us.