Deja Blue

I got tagged

I...Deja Marie
I am: thinking about life two year ago.
I think: chocolate can solve the world's problems!!!
I know: I think too highly of chocolate.
I want: a family of my own & chocoalte (ok, seriously! I'm done!)
I wish: I knew exactly what my next step should be.
I hate: living in fear of being heart-broken again.
I miss: my dad, my friends in Louisiana and my sweet GQ.
I fear: my fears, that I'll never get over them and live my life alone and in fear (that's alot of the word "fear" in one sentence).
I feel: joy when I am focusing on others and not only my self.
I hear: my neighbors incredibly too high base on his stereo.
I smell: my lotion.
I crave: peace of mind...and chocolate (doh!)
I search: for my keys, cell phone and cane a million times a day (duh Dej!)
I wonder: why I must go through some things...but I always find out down the road.
I regret: the times I've been selfish and have hurt someone in doing so.
I love: that I have people who love me in retrun, despite all my nuttiness!
I care: too much about what other people think of me.
I always: make it through the storm.
I am not: willing to give up on my dreams.
I believe: I can make a difference...and that I'm also quite naive.
I dance: to escape!
I sing: to Iszacc...and he laughs (Not a good thing I don't think).
I don’t always: cry when I feel like I need to.
I write: Braille letters to GQ
I win: very little, but still love to play "the game"
I lose: EVERYTHING! (I'm terribly forgetful!)
I never: say never because then it happens...always!
I listen: to Christian songs on the bus on the way to work to get me through my day.
I can usually be found: thinking deeply about something.
I am scared: to love again.
I need: to learn to love again.
I am happy about: my new job!
I have: HUGE DREAMS and a chocolate M&M in my mouth.(had to throw that in! :)
I tag: Brandie, Jamie, Torrie & Kattrina

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The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

You write Braille letters to GQ?! No way?! He can read Braille? That is so awesome! And yes, chocolate will solve everything!!!