Good Bye Blues...

Good bye's sometimes must come.
Sometimes too soon, sometimes too late, sometimes just when we need them.
Good Bye is on my mind, two words I've wanted to say, have dreaded saying and I have avoided hearing.

Today I say Good Bye to a quarter of Grad School that pushed me beyond myself and stretched me to my limits. I say good bye with a smile and a break for a while.

But this good bye seems so unimportant as I watch friends say Good Bye
to tiny lives, too soon to die.

And I anticipate the Good Bye just a week away that I've tried to not see, and prayed on my knees that I would somehow succeed...
in being able to walk away from the soldier who captured my smile, that hadn't been there for a while.

Sometimes Good Bye comes with tears and fears and a shift in gears...but hope for tomorrow switches from Good Bye's to Hi's and at the end of the day a rainbow lies...next to every dream and every good bye.


SassaFrass Photography said...

It's hard to say goodbye sometimes, but hopefully most won't be forever!

Nika, Travis, Ayda and Zander said...

I loved that poem, you are talented. And like your friend said, they wont be forever. love you!

Happy Holmes said...

your post made me cry. You are so good with putting your thoughts into words. Goodbye's are sad, but the hello's will be wonderful! I just know it.