Don't Mess with a Girl in Pink Pumps...

I have been tagged. Write six things about yourself that other most likely wouldn't know.

1- Growing up I wanted to be an austronaut, I was fascinated with the whole thing...until...I watched the history channel about meteors slamming into the earth. This caused some sleepless nights, so inner-plotting about how I could escape such an ordeal and minor parental counseling and not to forget a shattered dream!

2- I love to dress up...I have always wanted to live in the big city where I could put on my sequin cocktail dress, my sparkly pink pumps, with big hoop earring and head on the town. Ahhh...the life!

3- I love to eat (no surprise here)and try new, somewhat unusual foods. Things I've Tried: snailes (liked), chocolate covered roach (dis-liked), deep fried twinkie (loved), crawfish (delicious), calamari (yuck) and alegator (not bad).

4- I've walked 7 miles from Ruston, Louisiana to Grambling Louisiana and then back 7 miles--under sleepshades. The Louisiana Center for the Blind makes 2 annual walking trip to Grambling every year under sleepshades. While it is not required, I decided to walk back to. All in a days work! I was sore but felt accomplished.

5- I have discovered a recent obsession with Pink! I used to hate it, now I love it. My favorite things I own that are Pretty in Pink: My pink Troy Polamulu, Pittsburgh Steelers jersey, my pink tool box (filled with pink tools), my pink braille playing cards and my hot pink down comforter. Pink is so perdy (as they'd say in the south).

6- I punched a guy in the face once...I won't go into detail here but we'll just say he deserved it. I thought I'd feel guilty about it, but nope, hasn't happed yet! I know I'm a horrible, horrible person, just don't mess with me! :)

Well, there you have it peeps. Some maybe interesting, maybe not things about Deja!?! I tag...Ashley B., Nika and Kimra.


Julie said...

Very interesting! You need to elaborate on the one about punching a guy in the face, though!

Sharon said...

So, who was it? Just kidding, you know what they say, don't punch and tell! You're awesome Deja Dear!

Nika, Travis, Ayda and Zander said...

I knew you would cave, pink is the best color out there! I can't wait to see the result of your poll, you have me on the edge of my seat!

Crystal said...

I love it! Thanks for all the info. Now we can use it against you when the opportunity arises! HARHARHAR!

Shane and Jamie Smith said...

Hey Deja-
I had no idea you had a blog, hope its alright if I add you to mine!!! I hope you are doing great and hopefully enjoying your summer, take care!!!
Jamie Smith

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