Green Banana's

This title has nothing to do with this post...just thought it was creative! :)

Just wanted to post a quick update. Life has been busy for me for last couple of weeks. I am in the midst of midterms and just returned from a convention in Monroe, Louisiana. The convention was for the National Federation of the Blind of Louisiana, where blind persons, parents of blind children, blind students and teacher's of blind students gather together to learn about various services and options for blind persons in the state. I was a guest speaker for one of the sessions and also participated on panel of blind cane travel instructors. It ended up being a great weekend. After all the work we also got to do some playing. We had a really fun dance with a DJ and all and had an auction which was the first auction I've actually participated in. I bought a Chilupa Dinner for me and eight of my friends--that should be a lot of fun! It was a great weekend but exhausting as well.

There's not a whole lot to report besides schools stuff. I guess I'm a pretty boring chicka! :) I did got to a "Casting Crown"(a Christian pop group) concert last night which was actually a ton of fun -- especially the one drunk dude who apparently forgot he was at a Christian concert not Van Halen, good times! I will be leaving for Baton Rouge on the 9th of April for some training in teaching deaf/blind students so that should be a great learning experience. Lucas has been gone for a month for military training and comes back tonight...yeah! Life is good.

Hope Spring has finally found all of you in Utah! :)


Nika, Travis, Ayda and Zander said...

Sounds like life is treating you well and that it is moving by fast. Good luck through mid-terms and everything else. We love you! You are in our prayers, always!

Julie said...

Good luck with school! Sounds like you're keeping busy.

SassaFrass Photography said...

You do sound busy!!! Hope the end of term goes well for you the campus looks beautiful!!! Utah can't decide if it wants spring here!! It is raining and snowing today...Yuck! Sounds like life is going well!!!