Oh Beautiful Brown Box...

So this beautiful brown box with a return address from my "family in Salt Lake" showed up at my door a couple of days ago. Knowing my birthday was coming up I knew I should wait until then to open it...but it has been taunting me. I am a very impatient girl and tonight I gave in and opened my birthday gifts a day or so early. I have no will-power!

My family is the best and I got the best gifts which all made me smile. Thanks to my totally RAD family and there even RADDER gifts!

Thanks Iszacc for the awesome hand-made card (My personal favorite sticker was the, "Glamour Girl" one) and the even more awesome Popsicle shaped bubbles (orangesicle scented folks!) I can't wait for the perfect opportunity for a bubble blowing extravaganza! :)

Fattee--Thanks for the darling outfit! Dad would love the orange shirt!

Mom & Owl--Thanks for the clothes, the jewelry, the perfume, the headbands, the game, the cupcakes and candles and of course the "Birthday Princess" crown.

I feel so lucky and I'm going to be flaunting it in all my cute outfits this week.

Waiting to open gifts is so over-rated, happy early birthday to me! :)


Nika, Travis, Ayda and Zander said...

No need to wait!! You did the right thing by tearing into those gifts! Happy Birthday from us!

Julie said...

I hope you had a great birthday. What a sweet family you have!

Darren and Dianne said...

Hey girl! I forgot we have birthday's in the same month! Yeah go Aries!! Hope you have an awesome birthday, you deserve it!

Happy Holmes said...

Happy Birthday! I think we need to see some pics of the goods you received!