In the Dark...

So in the program I am in they do these crazy little things called drop routes. What they do is they put you under sleep shades (the blindfold) and you get in a car and they drive you somewhere in town and drop you off and well...that's it...you have to find your way home. Mind you, you can't ask directions along the way it's you and your cane and your brain (hopefully they're all there that day). I have actually grown to love the things surprisingly--it's kinda fun being lost and FINALLY finding your way home.

Anyway, the point to this is sometimes life feels like a drop route. Your going along and life throws you somewhere, out of your comfort zone, and you are expected to find your way back "home". I have felt like this lately and I've detoured here and there but I finally feel like I'm headed in the right direction.

My friends, if some of you feel lost and in the dark there is always a way back. The one thing you have to your advantage is that you can ask questions...get advice and direction. Stay true to what you know and you'll make it.

Happy Travels!

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Julie said...

How scary to be left somewhere like that. I'm glad you can find your way back!