Babes in the Red Bayou...

My crazy lil sis came to Louisiana to visit her awesome big sis and we had so much fun together! We spent some time in Monroe and ate at my favorite restraunt Copelands. We of course toured my current hometown of Ruston (or Cruston as I lovingly call it) which takes a whopping half-hour to see the whole place! We shopped and ate (since that's all there is to do in Cruston) and toured the Louisiana Tech campus where I am going to grad school.

We had a great almost home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner (ok, I ordered the deep-fried turkey pre-made)with my "family" here! The last day we headed to Shreveport for the Boardwalk (a huge outdoor shopping mall) where we shopped and ate and enjoyed the Christmas Decor. Fattee (or Ambree as some like to call her) really like the Boardwalk.

Her stay was short but we had a whole lot of fun. The weather was nice here (we don't get snow). I had missed my little sis very much so it was great having her come see my oh-so-crazy life filled with my oh-so-crazy friends (she fits right in)!

Anyone else wanna come visit? Ruston--it's a PEACH of a town (that's the town motto, catchy eh!?!)


Kayleen said...

HOT DOGGGGG!! He is SOOO CUTE!!! Wow you are a hottie too. Look how tan and skinny as always you are. Wow looking at you makes me miss you so much more. I can't wait to come visit. Love you!

Nika, Travis, Ayda and Zander said...

It looks like you had a blast and I would like to know more about this "friend" :) Love you, if you come home for Christmas drop us a line.