Brown-Eyed Girl

It's a time for me of deep introspection. Life has thrown me some major curve balls this past year and its forced me to look into who I am and who I want to be very intensely. I created this blog to help me begin to write again, something that's always been a very therapeutic thing for me. It's been a tough couple of days and so here is a little 'blog of introspection'. I used lyrics from some of my current favorite songs. Humor me!

dEjA MaRiE
She's not afraid she just likes to use a night light...

She never compromises, loves babies and surprises, wears high heals when she excersizes.

You see her confidence is tragic, her intuition magic and the shape of her body...unusual.

She's a little bit manic, completely organic, doesn't panic for the most part.

She's old enough to know and young enough not to say no to any chance that she gets for home plate tickets to see the BRAVES.

She's got the strength that every man wishes he had. She loved Michael Jackson up until he made Bad.

Scares me to death when she thinks and drives!

When she gets paid, true religion gets it all, if it fits right.

...and sometimes I think she's truly crazy...

but she doesn't know the word impossible. She's just waiting for the world to change!

That's You, My Brown-Eyed Girl.


Kayleen said...

This is fun to see what you're up to. I haven't had an update in a while. Congrats on the 3 point something. I can't really remember but I am so PROUD of you. You will always be amazing. Thanks for giving me someone to look up to. Also we need to catch up, I talked to Ambs...I think you have some things to tell me. Love you!!!

SassaFrass Photography said...

I wish you would have told me you created a blog! I am so excited!!!