Pink Ballet Slippers

My heart longs for the peace and rest that only my Savior can provide...
I will wait for Him as He has so often waited on me.

When I do close my eyes I dream of becoming what He has always planned me to be.
I awake with a hope in my heart and plea on my knees.
"Sweet Savior...give me your hand and help me move on...some how."

I walk through my day as the beautifully flawed woman He crafted me to be.
Sometimes walking, then stumbling, then brushing off and pressing on.

How I long to dance through my days once again!
But for now I walk...so alone, yet so surrounded...so afraid, yet so assurred.

I make it through another day...not dancing yet but picking up my pace...
...maybe a shuffle here and a Pirouette there...
soon I will DANCE in my trust for YOU once more....

My pink ballet slippers still fit, I checked just in case.


Kayleen said...

That is beautiful. Did you write that? I can't wait to see you! Love always,Kayleen

SassaFrass Photography said...

Love this! You write beautifully! And have always danced beautifully!