A Life Lesson Through Pizza

I have had a couple of tough days; I have been feeling a little down. Yesterday, I went out to get our mail and as I was sorting through it I  found an envelope from my most favorite pizza place EVER, Hungry Howies. I put it on the side, thinking it was just a coupon thing or an ad and continued to sort through the pile of bills. Sigh.

I then decided to open up the envelope from Hungry Howie’s. In it was a half cheat of paper and a letter that said that Hungry Howie’s had decided to give its Top 10 customers a free, large, one-topping pizza. Ok, I was stoked! I know, I know it’s just a pizza does it really warrant and entire blog post? I mean you know I love food, especially pizza, but come one, right!?!
What made me so happy about my free pizza is that the letter states that each location picked the Top 10 customers who showed “loyalty,” “kindness to drivers,” and “friendliness.” I couldn’t help but smile because I have been struggling a lot the last few days and this corporate kindness put a huge smile on my face.

It’s nice to know there are still businesses out there that do the “little things” to thank their customers. Sure, it’s just a pizza, but it’s nice to know people do notice kindness and respect and that people aren’t afraid to say thank you for it.
I learned, all because of a free pizza, that I need to do better about thanking people for what they do for me. I need to start letting a supervisor know if one of their employees is doing a good job. I need to say thank you more often and complain less.

Thanks for the free pizza Hungry Howies! And thanks for the reminder to that I need to say thanks a little more often.

Plus Hungry Howies had PINK pizza boxes last month! Seriously, how awesome are they!


Kelsey Sylvester said...

That's so nice! I'm happy for you and your free pizza...way to go! :) A great blog entry, as always!

Becky said...

Those little things make such a difference - love that their box is pink! We are coming down your way for Thanksgiving ... love Southern Utah!