Fall-oween Fun

I thought it would be fun for you, my favorite person ever, to fill out this short, fun fall & fashion survey THEN repost it to Facebook or your personal blog. I had fun and I think you will too! :) Come on, you post stuff on Facebook ALL THE TIME so I know you can do this too! Also, if you can, tag Slate and Stylish on Facebook so I can read them.

Happy Fall!

What is your favorite fall snack?
S'mores are my favorite snack ANYTIME of year. But when fall rolls around, I also love root beer.

What is your favorite fall fashion trend?
This may sound weird but cardigans. I love that you can fall-ize any outfit in your wardrobe with a cardi!

What is your favorite fall color this year?
Loving mustard yellow right now. Love!

What fall tradition you share with your family/friends?
My mom decks her house to the hilt for ALL holidays and she passed this along to my sister and I. We love to decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving!

What beauty product can you NOT live without this fall?
Ever since I moved to Utah, moisturizer, my skin is SO dry. I can't live without Vaseline Cocoa Butter lotion. I take it everywhere with me and have a huge bottle at home for backup. Also, for my face, St. Ives Cologin Elastin, comes in a round jar, is super cheap and works WONDERS on my face (you can find it at Walmart) Can't live without either of these things.

What song do you love right now (you know the one on repeat on your iPod)?
Jump Rope by Blue October

How are you decorating your pumpkins this year?
I would love to do the glitter ones I saw on Pinterest or the one's you cover with old nylons, so fun!

Now GO! It's your turn!

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