This Place...

I have been such a slacker on my blogging but tomorrow is my LAST day of work and I plan on catching up on my blogging.

I just want to sum up quickly my thoughts at the moment...

1. I am truly, truly going to miss all the wonderful people I work with. This is a hard day for me, walking away from a great job and even greater friends is tough. I have made some lifelong friends while working here at the PDRIB.

2. I am sincerely going to miss Ruston. There are so many wonderfully charming things about this place. I will always smile upon Ruston when I think about it...

Picture: Lucas and I in front of a beautiful southern yard in Ruston.

Photo: Lucas and I in front of our cute little house, with our tandem bike.

3. I know I can speak for my hubs too when I say we are going to dearly, dearly miss our sweet friends and family here in Louisiana. We both have some of the best friends in the world and for that we will always be thankful, and will be visiting for certain!

4. It's now been almost 3 weeks since I've seen my GQ, in just a few days I will get to be with him again. This puts a big smile on my cause, well, I miss him a WHOLE lot.

5. I have to say a Special Thank You to my current roomie. My co-worker and good friend Laura has let me live with her for the past month or so and I have LOVED having a roomie again. We've had so much fun and have done some serious shopping, decorating, crafting and working out. I will always love the time we got to spend together...

Oh yes, and thank you to little L who let me stay at her house with her and HER mom. And I would like all to know I followed little L's rules quite well.

Rule #1: My mom canNOT kiss you goodnight before bed.
Rule #2: You canNOT sleep in my bed, ever.
Rule #3: You canNOT steal or eat too much food.

I will really miss this place and the TERRIFIC people here!

With Love,


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