I am a little bit manic.I don't tell others I appreciate them enough.
I cry. A lot.
I am indecisive.
I change my mind a lot, and sometimes regret it.
I believe in starting over.
I crave hot dogs when I'm sad.
I hate my fingernails.
I love organizing things, anything.
I compare myself to people FAR too much.
I want to love/like running, but I don't.
I take a nap whenever I have the chance.
I like spicy peppers in everything I eat.
I hate mirrors.
I wish I were confident and funny.
I am not kind enough to others.
I have to have surgery soon and I'm anxious.
I am not always patient with my ADD husband.
I frustrate people a lot, or I think I do.
I love beef jerky.
I have those most beautiful friends/family. Which is sometimes hard for me.
I need to pray more.
I like Taylor Swift (there, I admitted it).
I forgot all about my column this month.
I'm forgetful.

Sometimes just writing it all down makes a girl feel a little better.
That and Girl Scout cookies.


Sheena said...

Here's something for you...by Jack Prelutsky
Me I Am!
I am the only ME I AM
Who qualifies as me;
No ME I AM has been before,
And none will ever be.
No other ME I AM can feel
The feelings I've within;
No other ME I AM can fit
Precisely in my skin
There is no other ME I AM
who thinks the thoughts I do;
The world contains one ME I AM
there is no room for two.
I am the only ME I AM
this earth shall ever see;
That ME I AM I always am
Is no one else but ME!

Love you the way you are!

Clay and Jessica Brown said...

Dont be so hard on yourself pretty lady! You are amazing! We all have bad moments, days, weeks, months, etc. I am like you and often compare myself to people (what I am discovering far more often in doing that is I'm comparing my weaknesses to their strengths or even the facade that they put up in front of everyone). Sometimes it helps me to write down the list of things I am good at and forget about everyone else! YOu are an amazing lady! Keep your head up! :D