Bad News

I was catching up on my daily lunch hour news when I came across this article from a Utah news station. The title of the article made me laugh, "Lack of snow makes riding hard for snowmobilers." I just wanted to shout out, "WELL DUH!"
For those who don't know, I actually graduated with a journalism degree so stuff like this catches my attention. Here are some of my favorite, even more (unintentionally)  HILLARIOUS news stories headlines from 2011 (with my commentary)...

Man allegedly wounded by two 'booty call ninjas'


Cops: Woman had 81 pounds of illegal junk in her trunk.
*And I thought I had a lot of junk in MY trunk, dang.


Man dressed as Breathalyzer sentenced to jail for DUI
*Isn't it ironic? Don't you think?


China bans time travel.
*Darn it. So much for my weekend plans to go back to 1998.


France set to smash B.O. records
*Seriously, take a shower people.


Man learns life lesson in naked fight with javelinas
*I bet he did!!


Teenager charged with drink driving blames crash 'on boyfriend who didn't take her to see new Twilight film.
*First off, "drink" driving? is the reporter drunk too!?! Secondly, this girl needs a new boyfriend, seriously.

Teen robbed of meatball sub at gunpoint.
*I've been that hungry before, I understand.


Lohan's second trip to the morgue is success
*Define success.


5 stabbed at 'welcome home from jail' party

Source: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/the-50-funniest-headlines-of-2011

Here's to hoping 2012 gives us more idiots and bad journalists! Cheers!

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M Mommy to 4 said...

Those are hilarious! I love it! And I didn't know your degree was in journalism. That's cool!