Whining is Winning...

Doesn't it just aggravate the crap outta you when people start out their blog with...
"I hate to ever complain on here, but...."

It does me! And when they share way TOO much information. TMI!!!

Anyway, onto my post...

I really hate to complain on my blog but...I'm bummed.

Sinus headache like-ish thingy (with no other sinus issues).

Dizziness whenEVER I stand, sit, lay, turn my hear, step, pick up something off the floor, breathe or talk...

Random fainting episodes.

Naseua (but not actual vomiting).

Doctor Howzar (That's not his real name but he totally reminds everyone of Doogie Howzar):
 "Let's do a pregnancy test just in case." Ah, you suck doctor. BUT fix me anyway please.

Nurse: "Oh you bled for 5 months!?! That's rough. Now we are going to take some vials of blood."
Me: I'm not a doctor but does that make any sense at all!?! Eh, I guess a little less blood won't hurt at this point.

The fainting stuff honestly FREAKS ME OUT though! I'm ready to be done with that.

GQ is almost 100 percent sure I have the Zombie Virus. He's really worried about that. But we talked about it and I told him I wanted him to shoot my in the brain if I become a zombie so I don't eat him. It was a touching moment in our relationship.

Did I mention I haven't gone to get a haircut in forever and I look like this...

At least I look like a hot, long-haired Justin Beiber, so that's a plus.

Mind if I yell real quick...



Oh, and last night, well this morning at 1:00 am, I pulled out my FAVORITE pair of shoes, I bought for my friends wedding that I can't actually wear until April, and wore them for like 20 minutes, sitting down of course so I wouldn't faint in them, they're tall, it would hurt. Don't tell GQ though, he saw them this morning when he woke up and asked if I was wearing them around the house and I said, "Duh. No, of course not!"

They made me happier though...:)

Some days you just want to stare down life and say, "What the crap dude!?! Seriously!"

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Daisy said...

I wish you good luck in finding out what ails you! Shoes can't heal, but they sure do make a woman feel better.