I wanted to share a couple of my personal outfits, just for funzies throughout the month.

I have an interesting life because half the week I am out in the school teaching (and I do not wear anything like the outfit below) and the other half of the week I am in my office. So I sort of have two wardrobes, makes life fun!

Here is my outfit today...

After today I learned something about myself, I DO NOT make a great model. I have no clue how to pose properly. I'm a dancer though so I naturally know how to pose somewhat!

This outfit is a black and white floral, cap sleeve, knee-length dress I found at Ross. Now Ross is tricky because you have to be very patient looking through all their stuff and I rarely am that patient but IF you can do it you can find a steal like this.
Original Price; $69
MY price: $25
Sweet right!?!

I then added some long black and silver chandelier earrings, I have no clue where I got them from. Some simple red pumps from Target ($14.99). And a red and silver bracelet from JC Penney ($10.99).
I must say, I am a bargain hunter, I rarely buy anything unless its on sale!  

Fashion Tip: I love wearing black and white with a POP of color. It's my favorite style right now! Don't be afraid of color, if you love it it will love you right back!


Kathie said...

I think you make a great model, you little hottie!

Daisy said...

The red shoes are the best!