Really, it's NOT a big deal!

I like kids with canes more than I like chocolate! GASP! SIGH! Yep, I said it...

I met a little girl this weekend who is just beautiful and sweet and spunky, loves clothes, purses, shoes, pink, jewelry...a total girly-girl fashion-eesta who is also a dancer.
Naturally, we got along perfectly.

Her little brother isn't blind but couldn't resist the "Cane Fever" so he got one too.

I am so lucky I met this cute little girl, her brother and her AMAZING parents. Mom and dad came to their first NFB of Louisiana convention this past weekend. They took everything they heard and are so ready to run with it! I had the best time just talking to them about my experiences growing up which are very similar to their little girl's.

I couldn't help but think how grateful I am to have found some blind role models along the way who totally give me a run for my money and push me to want to do better. I thank God that I had parents who pushed me, even though the experts told them it "wasn't necessary".

I am so glad that my new friends' parents found their way to a convention where they could meet other blind people, parents of blind kids and finally feel like there is someone out there who "gets it!" There's nothing worse than feeling like you are alone with no answers.

I had an incredible weekend around spectacular people, these people I kind of think of as my accessories. When I wear just a normal dress I look ok, when I start adding accessories. PACHOW I start looking fabulous. And wow did I have some incredible accessories this weekend!

I also got to be on the scholarship committee for the NFB of Louisiana. It was so much fun giving away money to well-deserving blind students. Congrats to all of the winners this year! Don't blow it all on clothes and shoes, your professors don't care how cute you look, I learned.

It was a wonderful weekend despite a major collision with a TV at the beginning of the weekend...
left a beautiful lump on my head. Can you see how upset I am!?!

And in case you were wondering, I'm wearing a tiarra because it was my birthday! Yep, didn't want to tell everyone, I mean it's not that big of a deal, really, it's not, it's just my brithday. Don't make too big a fuss or anything! Really...stop...I didn't want everyone to know that is was my birthday this weekend!

But if you want to send me a present, I totally understand, even though my birthday isn't that big of a deal, at all!

(I'm registered if your interested). But don't feel obligated or anything...

(You can read more about my convention weekend over on my other blog).

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