More about ME, ME, ME

I've decided to make a little change to my blogging life, let me try to explain...

I have two blogs. One about ME and my personal life and one about ME and my personal life and blindness. So mostly I have two blogs where I write a lot about ME. So I'm combining these two blogs since I pretty much talk about ME all the time anyway...

Slate & Stylish (this blog) and Glitter Pink Sneakers: Notes in Orange Balloons (my other other blog) are pretty much joining in marriage. Blog Bliss!

I will be keeping the title Slate & Stylish cause I like it and it's catchy and I thought I was clever when I came up with it.

So now you S&S readers will have to bare with hearing even more about me and my regular random, daily thoughts and activities. I hope you don't mind!?!

I have a little segment I did over on the other blog called Notes in Orange Balloons, it's occasional writings I do to my dad, so that will now be a part of this blog.

The writing nuttiness is pretty much the same, so don't expect too much of a change. Now you'll just know even more how truly NUTSO I am.

So PLEEEEEEAASE don't leave me because I will totally take it personally and unfriend you on Facebook.

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